01. Fated - 東方神起
02. Y3K - 東方神起
03. Mine - 김재중
04. Viva - 東方神起
05. Empty - JYJ

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costume problems

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3/30 DBSK edit challenge - Edit of Jaejoong : face spam!

2014 XIA The Best Ballad (Spring tour concert in Japan)

2014 XIA The Best Ballad (Spring tour concert in Japan)

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東方神起 | "Runnin on Empty"


Runnin on Empty (full version) - TVXQ (Make Your Move OST)

Jaejoong's Way of Bringing World Peace

Interviewer: Worldwide stars do a lot of good things for the world. They help kids in Africa or join Global Warming programs. What has Hero Jaejoong done to help world peace?
Jaejoong: I've had thoughts about it, but I've never really acted on it. Before during a concert in Japan, when I was exiting the stage, I shouted, "Stop Global Warming!"

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